Port Moody Spider

It was a Halloween joke that has become a Port Moody icon...the Port Moody Spider!

Created by Ray Jacques it has hung at the back corner of his welding shop on Columbia Street for over a decade. Everytime you drove down Clarke past the Legion, looking towards the mountains you couldn't help but see the big, black spider!
For about a month now the spider has been missing, so just before Christmas I stopped at the welding shop to find out why one of our most prominent residents was in hiding. As it turns out, the welder who created the spider was cleaning out his shop. (They had to move out to create space along the tracks for the yet to be funded Evergreen Line). Ray from RDC Welding, was
cleaning the shop and actually found the little plastic spider replica that inspired his creation of the bigger-than-life spider.

Now he doesn't know what to do with his 8 legged friend. His wife wants him to keep it in the garage. I, on the other hand, think the city of Port Moody "The City of the Arts" should find a prominent place for it to live. Good art should make people comment and the Port Moody Spider does that.
I've just started a "Port Moody Spider" Facebook page if you 'Like' the idea of finding a new home for the spider and please leave your suggestions or comments.
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