Port Moody 2011 numbers to date...

For those who like numbers:


Since the start of 2011, there have been 703 properties SOLD in Port Moody.


This includes:

218 Detached (houses)

  11 land only

474 Attached (Further broken down as  208 townhomes, 255 condos and 11 duplex)


Properties SOLD by month looks like this:


Jan. 55

Feb. 69

Mar. 86

Apr. 79

May 80

Jun. 73

Jly. 45

Aug. 55

Sep. 49

Oct. 69

Nov. 43


Total: 703


This year is trending quite similar to last year and therefore I expect more of the same in 2012 with an early start to the buying season.

If you are thinking of selling your Port Moody home, give me a call to discuss the market in your neighbourhood.

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